We are Market Weighton Commercial Risk Solutions (MWCRS for short).
Our aim is to revolutionise commercial insurance by offering a personal face to face service without the typical "call centre approach".

Too often we hear of business owners who have insurance policies that are sold to them via a cold faceless call centre and when something goes wrong (which does happen) and they need their insurance broker to act on their behalf they are often let down. This is where MWCRS are different, with a personal approach we will come and see you, give you a detailed service with no stone unturned and support you whenever you need.

From our office in Market Weighton, East Riding Yorkshire we provide solutions for both small and big businesses that need extensive commercial risk cover. We can provide insurance for all aspects of a business from standard business cover, self-drive hire cover, fleet cover and any special requirements that you may need. With years of experience in the commercial insurance sector there isn't a lot we haven't encountered in the past and you can rest assured that we will be there to hold your hand when you need us the most.


What we offer


We care about you! Our service is the best in the business!

Our incentive in starting Market Weighton was to offer a service that is few and far between in the insurance sector and we believe that we have got it nailed. We have a simple method of working which will help you to understand what you are getting and how you are covered going forward.

Initial Meeting

We will book a first meeting with you to come and visit you at your place of work, here we will discuss all your requirements and what you need to cover for your business.

Providing Quotations

Upon providing our quotation for your cover we will deliver various solutions that are applicable for your business. We advise and guide you through the process of cover and how we can best help you...the best cover is what we aim for, not just the best price!

Deliver Your Cover

Once we have agreed the cover you require and the quotation is all agreed we will then do all the relevant paperwork you need for your insurance to be in place. Leave it all with us as we will do the lot!


Sit back and relax as you are now covered for the period we have agreed, you don't need to worry about renewal dates either as we have you covered for them too and will be in touch in plenty of time for your renewal date.

As with any insurance broker we are sure you will have some questions, well here we have tried to cover the usual questions we get asked so you are fully in the know. Don't worry, if we haven't covered what you want need to know then give us a call, we will be happy to help.

1How do I find out what types of insurance my business needs?
A professional business insurance broker is qualified to determine what types of insurance coverage your business needs, based on a comprehensive risk analysis. Market Weighton CRS works with customer throughout the UK. We can review your business to understand your business and can help you find the right business insurance coverage.
2Do I need specialized insurance coverage?
Every business has unique risks. A business insurance broker with experience in your industry can determine whether or not your business risks justify specialized insurance coverage (for example crime, professional liability or cyber liability).
3Why is my insurance premium increasing?
Business insurance premiums may increase for a number of reasons. Increased property values, or increased sales will cause a premium increase because the exposure to loss has increased. General Liability and Professional Liability premiums reflect your business’s sales. As sales increase, premiums typically increase even if rates stay the same.
4If I buy business insurance will it prevent legal action?
No – nothing can prevent your business from being sued. Good business practices reduce the probability of a lawsuit but a person or organization can sue your business for almost anything – frivolous or justified. Your business insurance coverage can help you pay to defend allegations or actions against your business.